Serving At-Risk Kids in the Age of COVID

Empowered with specialized software tools, our diverse users often come up with innovative solutions to solve difficult real-world problems.

The latest such innovation comes by way of the Children's Legacy Center (CLC), a California-based Children's Advocacy Center. CLC, along with other local advocates, recently noticed a major downturn in the number of child welfare referrals amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

Children's Legacy Center CEO Kimberly Johnson responded by creating a special COVID-19 Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) to track referrals from teachers and school administrators - and it's all managed in Collaborate.

Keeping track of so many moving parts amid the pandemic was incredibly challenging. Collaborate not only made it possible for us, but they updated their system so efficiently and quickly that we had no time delay.

Kimberly Johnson

CEO, Children's Legacy Center

Get the full scoop on this important initiative over on the Collaborate website.


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