Working remotely and loving it.

Network Ninja has been 100% remote for almost a decade.

Happy employees tend to stick around

We’re in this for the long haul (since 1998!) - and we want you here for it, too. Most of our staff have been with us for many years.

72% 3+ years with us

52% 5+ years with us

18% 10+ years with us

And our super low 3.9% turnover rate crushes the Software Industry average of 13.2%.

A specialized team

Our company was founded with a handful of developers. Now, our crew includes non-profit attorneys, social workers, marketing gurus, and other specialists.

Meet your potential colleagues
Photo of Michael Gardner. Photo of Oksana Iudenkova. Photo of Vinnie Singleton. Photo of Facundo Goiriz. Photo of Danisha Hill. Photo of Stacy McGrath. Photo of Michael Augustine. Photo of Ginger Gibson.

glassdoor rating.

Enjoy bunches of benefits.

  • 👏 Amazingly talented colleagues you can learn from and do your best work with.
  • 👍 Great business track record, with many years of growth ahead.
  • 💰 We pay competitive rates, commensurate with experience to attract the best talent around.
  • 🏝 Fantastic benefits package, including healthcare, 401(k), and paid vacation.
  • 📈 Share in the company's growth with annual bonuses and raises.
  • 💪 Small enough that you can make a difference, but big enough that we can transform an industry.
  • 💻 Need a MacBook Pro or a massive gaming laptop that you'll for some reason install Linux on? We got you covered.
  • ✈️ All-expense paid travel (when we get together, we do it in style)!
  • Full remote company.