MainEvent Users Can Now Build Their Own Complex Recaps

Clients asked for a way to better evaluate field response data themselves, and the MainEvent team delivered.

The MainEvent team is focused on providing field and experiential marketing teams with innovative ways to record and mine important data. This emphasis on continually bringing additional value to clients has led to a number of new tools recently, including the Complex Recap Builder.

mainevent complex recaps on laptop screen.

This hands-on tool lets Users build exactly what Recaps they need, in the way they need it for the field, to support just about any data-driven request. Key benefits include:

  • Using logic trees to build complex Recap responses,
  • Access to dozens of fields types, like currency, dates, numbers, and images, and
  • Online and offline support.

To see the Complex Recaps Tool in action, check out the full post over on the MainEvent website.


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A MacBook, iPad, and iPhone all showing MainEvent in action.

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