About us

Network Ninja is a software development firm based in Chicago that works in a variety of sectors, but primarily focuses on organizations that provide services which positively impact society, from legal assistance to medical care and event marketing firms.

While these two primary target client types may seem like strange bedfellows, they do share some important characteristics: their revenue depends on their ability to prove their effectiveness. They each serve two constituencies: their customers, and their clients or funders. Their users, typically not very computer savvy, need to safely share data with multiple sites. We feel that this is excellent proof of both our applications' flexibility and our ability to achieve expert-level knowledge in our clients' fields, be it inventory management for a marketing company or document management for immigration law.

Wrapping it up: Since 1998 Network Ninja has developed a proven, flexible, scalable, and cost effective framework that allows us to quickly assemble and customize applications for clients of all sizes and shapes.

Meet the ninjas

  • Matt Bochneak

    homebody runner, oxford comma enthusiast, 2017 Portland transplant, pretty good whirlyballer, character counter, motivated by food and wine

    Matt Bochneak
  • Andy Plax

    Andy Plax
  • IV Ashton

    IV Ashton
  • Jon Snell

    Jon Snell
  • Ryan Shay

    Software Engineer, Database Dictator, Toddler Wrangler, Ninja of Nonsense. I build things and tame wild developers for fun and profit.

    Ryan Shay spotlight ▸
  • Joshua Mullin

    Joshua Mullin spotlight ▸
  • Ron Wilhoite

    Mottos: It's all about client service. Question authority.

    Ron Wilhoite
  • Alex Escalona

    Alex Escalona
  • Robin de Bled

    Robin de Bled
  • Katrina Corbi

    Katrina Corbi
  • Tyler Lannom

    Tyler Lannom
  • John Williams

    Books, Beats, Biking, Beer and Bolunteering

    John Williams
  • Jason Crittenden

    Jason Crittenden
  • Chris Long

    Chris Long
  • James Jennison

    James Jennison
  • Marisa Vande Velde

    Marisa Vande Velde
  • Shelley Goldenberg

    Shelley Goldenberg
  • Leah Brach

    Leah Brach
  • Jeff Hogue

    Iconoclast, injustice fighter, marathon paddler, and Ubuntu addict. Integrator of things and people. Kansas from the boots down.

    Jeff Hogue
  • Jim Watson

    Jim Watson
  • Nick LaFoy

    Professional browser tab hoarder. Favorite movie: Paul Blart Mall Cop. But seriously, so many tabs.

    Nick LaFoy
  • Xander Karsten

    Coffee lover. Subtly charming internet junkie. Amateur tech geek. Avid paddler. Lawyer turned cat herder.

    Xander Karsten
  • Mike Matz

    Web & mobile developer, surfer, snowboarder, cyclist, photographer, traveler.

    Mike Matz
  • Scott Harrington

    Passionate about process, Lifelong Cinephile, Baking Aficionado.

    Scott Harrington
  • Cynthia Echendu

    Cynthia Echendu
  • Marcel Appelman

    Tall, skinny Dutch guy with a penchant for cycling, Nutella, and nerdy computer crap.

    Marcel Appelman
  • Steve Dolloff

    Steve Dolloff
  • Robyn Perry

    In previous lives, Robyn made pastries and filed bankruptcy cases. She now lives in Chicago with her cat named Potato.

    Robyn Perry
  • Deanna Phillips

    Software archaeologist, amateur naturalist, trepid explorer.

    Deanna Phillips
  • John Fontana

    John Fontana
  • James Murray

    Loves to write code, bake, play music, build things, make art, and drink coffee!

    James Murray
  • Caitlin Muldoon

    Process optimizer and methodology seeker who loves to cook without recipes. Morning trail runner, and nighttime nursery reader.

    Caitlin Muldoon
  • Aaron Krause

    25+ years sales guy who appreciates as much time as possible with four kids and life outdoors skiing or hiking.

    Aaron Krause
  • Alison Bovaird

    Professional paper filer and amateur homebody with a raging maple syrup problem.

    Alison Bovaird
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