We are Network Ninja, a fully remote software company.

We achieve and hire expert-level knowledge in our clients’ fields via our talented, growing team across North America.

Meet our team.

We started out with a handful of developers. Now, our crew includes non-profit attorneys, social workers, data analysts, project managers, marketing gurus, and other specialists. Our differences allow us to serve clients in new and better ways.

  • Photo of Matt Bochneak.

    Matt Bochneak


    Homebody runner, oxford comma enthusiast, 2017 Portland transplant, pretty good whirlyballer, character counter, motivated by food and wine.

  • Photo of Andy Plax.

    Andy Plax


    Graduate of a prestigious middle school and founding partner of Network Ninja.

  • Photo of IV Ashton.

    IV Ashton

    Counsel & President, LegalServer

    IV Ashton is the founder of LegalServer, where he helps design, develop, and implement solutions for non-profits and governmental agencies.

  • Photo of Jon Snell.

    Jon Snell


    Software engineer by trade, cat lover by choice.

  • Photo of Ryan Shay.

    Ryan Shay

    Spotlight 🔦


    Software Engineer, Database Dictator, Toddler Wrangler, Ninja of Nonsense. I build things and tame wild developers for fun and profit.

  • Photo of Joshua Mullin.

    Joshua Mullin

    Spotlight 🔦


    I split my time evenly between Michigan and the rest of the world. I travel incessantly (some might say obsessively).

  • Photo of Ron Wilhoite.

    Ron Wilhoite

    Support Lead

    Mottos: It's all about client service. Question authority.

  • Photo of Katrina Corbi.

    Katrina Corbi

    Business Analyst

    Account Manager. Art Brat. Gamer Extraordinaire.

  • Photo of Tyler Lannom.

    Tyler Lannom


  • Photo of John Williams.

    John Williams


    Books, Beats, Biking, Beer and Bolunteering.

  • Photo of Jason Crittenden.

    Jason Crittenden


    A polymath with a deep love for technology, law, history, and politics. TTRPG game-master, outdoor enthusiast, roller-coaster junky.


  • Photo of James Jennison.

    James Jennison

    Business Analyst

    Living my best Colorado life skiing, hiking, and climbing whenever possible.


  • Photo of Leah Brach.

    Leah Brach

    Support Specialist

    LegalServer Support & Training, Dog Mom, Horse Girl, and lover of all things pink & sparkly.


  • Photo of Jeff Hogue.

    Jeff Hogue

    Director of Operations & Community Relations

    Iconoclast, injustice fighter, marathon paddler, and Ubuntu addict. Integrator of things and people. Kansas from the boots down.

  • Photo of Jim Watson.

    Jim Watson


    Began programming as a bobby LONG ago. When not working (or enjoying my hobby), motorcycling and piloting small aircraft are good options.

  • Photo of Xander Karsten.

    Xander Karsten

    Director of Onboarding & Projects

    Coffee lover. Subtly charming internet junkie. Amateur tech geek. Avid paddler. Lawyer turned cat herder.

  • Photo of Marcel Appelman.

    Marcel Appelman

    Design Engineer

    Tall, skinny Dutch guy with a penchant for cycling, Nutella, and nerdy computer crap.


  • Photo of Steve Dolloff.

    Steve Dolloff


    Avid board game player, part time pirate, vegan menu sampler.


  • Photo of Deanna Phillips.

    Deanna Phillips


    Software archaeologist, amateur naturalist, trepid explorer.

  • Photo of Aaron Krause.

    Aaron Krause

    Solutions Director

    Aaron manages the evaluation process with LegalServer. Outside of work he is busy with four kids in soccer, baseball, softball, basketball.


  • Photo of Alison Bovaird.

    Alison Bovaird

    Digital Librarian

    Professional paper filer and amateur homebody with a raging maple syrup problem.

  • Photo of Brian Mulvihill.

    Brian Mulvihill

    Support Specialist

    Easygoing and fun-loving kid at heart. Avid video and board gamer. Sci-fi/Fantasy lover. All-around geek/nerd.


  • Photo of Tom Reese.

    Tom Reese

    Content & Marketing

    Above-average father and husband. Beach lover. Renaissance man. Philly sports fan. Bad golfer.

  • Photo of Steven Rapp.

    Steven Rapp

    Support Specialist

    Accidental Technologist, Former Science Teacher, Volleyball Player, and Coffee Lover. Lives in Boise, Idaho with his family.

  • Photo of Ashley Sepers.

    Ashley Sepers

    Sales Coordinator

    Amateur philosopher. Wrestling aficionado. Lover of baked goods, books, and fall weather.


  • Photo of Thomas O'Reilly.

    Thomas O'Reilly

    Training Specialist

    Loves tea, snow days, ocean breezes, and quiet woods.

  • Photo of Kaitlin Tharp.

    Kaitlin Tharp

    Support Specialist

    LegalServer enthusiast. Loves being outside in the sun or snow or inside with a good book, board game, or show.


  • Photo of Keithia Stegmann.

    Keithia Stegmann


    Can't think of a bio. Will the photo suffice?

  • Photo of Nolan Smith.

    Nolan Smith


    Enjoys hard rock music, golf, and binge-watching Netflix. Chicago sports fan.

  • Photo of Craige Harrison.

    Craige Harrison

    Support Specialist

    Lawyer and technologist. Loves playing with new gadgets and new adventures, volunteering, and spending time with family as much as possible.

  • Photo of Jake Ferina.

    Jake Ferina


    Nomadic explorer. Wanderer but not lost. Used to build houses but now builds software. Deadhead for life.

  • Photo of Dylan McDonald.

    Dylan McDonald


    Developer, teacher, free thinker, Trekkie, and lover of New Mexico green chile. Code is my craft and kitties are my passion. 😻


  • Photo of Chris Schwartz.

    Chris Schwartz

    Support Specialist

    Caution: May contain dated cultural references, obscure comic book trivia, and sarcasm.

  • Photo of Scott Swafford.

    Scott Swafford

    Data Analyst

    Overeducated and underdressed. Likes: dogs, science fiction/fantasy, running. Dislikes: neckties and decaf.


  • Photo of Michael Hofrichter.

    Michael Hofrichter

    Support Specialist

    Houston-based legal guru, tech nerd, and big reader. Family first. Also enjoys outdoor circular things, especially frisbee and cycling.


  • Photo of Dan Michael.

    Dan Michael


    I'm often better at asking questions than answering them.

  • Photo of Marisa Vande Velde.

    Marisa Vande Velde

    Support Specialist

    Chicago native, still rooting for Da Bears in Portland. Lover of baked goods, native perennials, nerdy hobbies and front porch hangs.


  • Photo of Jim Vasky.

    Jim Vasky


    Avid skier, outdoorsman, and beer/scotch fan. Located in the 'Pizza Capital of the World.'

  • Photo of Bob Micheletto.

    Bob Micheletto

    Site Reliability Engineer

    Observed most commonly in front of: pool tables, computers, & lunch counters. Occasionally spotted on top of, or face down next to: bicycles.

  • Photo of Amanda Hart.

    Amanda Hart


    Developer, Cellist, T-Shirt Enthusiast, Collector, Gamer, Food Lover. Order randomized on any given day.

  • Photo of Natalie Simons.

    Natalie Simons

    Project Manager

    Excitable introvert. Pop culture trivia enthusiast. Sucker for overambitious reading challenges. Lover of (unfathomably) bad movies.


  • Photo of Michael Berding.

    Michael Berding


    Jack of many, master of none. Loves building things. Currently nomadic, seeking the perfect property.

  • Photo of Lindsay Bellinger.

    Lindsay Bellinger

    Support Specialist

    Loves learning/reading/podcasts, mostly about brains/behavior and now LS! Can be found running/bike riding slowly or w/family & friends.

  • Photo of Neil Buckley.

    Neil Buckley


    home is colorado when not traveling. love streaming media, music, games, sports, hiking with wife/pup, but not capitalisation ;)


  • Photo of Arian Farid.

    Arian Farid


    Long distance running, late night guitar jams, mushroom/plant collecting, and developing are the keys to life.


  • Photo of Mitchell Northern.

    Mitchell Northern


    Aspiring world traveler, husband, board game aficionado, and bad StarCraft player. Never stop growing, never give up, never surrender.


  • Photo of Eric Mittelstadt.

    Eric Mittelstadt

    Support Specialist

    Client Empowerment! Legal Aid Lawyer and MIE trainer. Lives in Utah and Montana. Wife and 3 kids. Soccer & Outdoors enthusiast!


  • Photo of Ron Williams.

    Ron Williams


    Lover of Jazz and improving the web one line at a time.


  • Photo of Devin Kinkead.

    Devin Kinkead

    Systems Administrator

    Techie who also owns multiple 10mm sockets, but can find none of them. Frequent at the Karaoke Bar. Mildly obsessed with cats.

  • Photo of Steven Franc.

    Steven Franc

    Account Manager

    22-Year Old proficient skier with a knack for watching football.


  • Photo of Bill Hartung.

    Bill Hartung


    Foodie, photographer, and lifelong learner. Loves cooking, grilling, smoking, and taking things apart to see what makes them tick.

  • Photo of Michael Trotta.

    Michael Trotta

    UX Strategist

    Former teacher, obsessive fly-fisherman, and curator of stories that help us remember who we are.


  • Photo of Julián Jaramillo.

    Julián Jaramillo


    Colombian enjoying life in the Pacific North West with his wife, teen boys and cats. Developer of software, photographer wanabee, etc...


  • Photo of Ginger Gibson.

    Ginger Gibson

    Data Analyst

    Halloween superfan with a talent for getting lost in the woods.

  • Photo of Michael Augustine.

    Michael Augustine

    Technical Support Engineer

    Two kids, one wife. Loves the NY Jets, NJ Devils, Nirvana, The Beatles, Seinfeld, Goodfellas.

  • Photo of Danisha Hill.

    Danisha Hill

    Onboarding Specialist

    Relatively tall lady who loves learning, animals, anime, and nature. Natural enemies are social media and the singing bits of musicals.


  • Photo of Vinnie Singleton.

    Vinnie Singleton

    AI/ML Developer

    Serial hobby jumper currently growing Sequoia trees. Maybe oyster farming next? Stay tuned.

  • Photo of Oksana Iudenkova.

    Oksana Iudenkova

    QA Engineer

    An avid coffee drinker, an imperfect environmentalist, and a grateful human being who finds joy in simple everyday moments.

  • Photo of Michael Gardner.

    Michael Gardner

    AI/ML Developer

    Heavy metal sea shanties, sociological speculative fiction, pizza, and political systems discourse. These are a few of my favorite things!


  • Photo of Evan Carlstrom.

    Evan Carlstrom


    Former a cappella singer, vintage MTG and retro game nerd, antiquarian book enthusiast, recovering freelance composer.

  • Photo of Pam Werrell.

    Pam Werrell


    Developer. When not working, visiting outdoors for wildlife photography, VR cinematography, and theme parks. 2nd job is being owned by 2 cats.

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