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We develop software for industries that require sophisticated workflow and data mining tools, with a heavy emphasis on usability and security. Whatever you call the model: ASP, web app, SaaS, The Cloud, we've been doing it since 1998.

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Experiential Marketing Management & Analytics Software

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Collaboration Software for Nonprofits & Social Services Agencies

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Case Management Software for Legal Aid & Pro-Bono Agencies

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We're here for the long haul – since 1998, and into the future!

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What our clients are saying

  • Network Ninja is enthusiastic and supportive of our mission, and understands the nonprofit world. Having a cutting edge software company behind us, one that develops friendly but powerful software, that's a unique combination.

    Andrew H. Agatston

    Children's Advocacy Centers of Georgia

  • As an organization that executes thousands of events per month, with hundreds of brand ambassadors in the field, we need a resource to manage our scheduling, recapping and reporting needs. MainEvent fills that void.

    Sonia Friedman


  • MainEvent was flexible — allowing us to customize and connect several different pieces of technology creating one system to help us manage the tour from beginning to end.

    Melissa Hamilton

    Momentum Worldwide

  • MainEvent has enabled us to create a well defined, streamlined process for the creation, confirmation, and recapping of over 1,000 events per year.

    Daniel Foppe


  • Network Ninja's Collaborate software will help us find new and amazing ways to tell our story. Even more so, because of improved efficiency, it will allow us more time to focus on the main characters of our story.

    Lori Nelson

    Children's Advocacy Center for Denton County

  • As we launched our new database the Network Ninja Team has shown impeccable dedication to ensure we had a seamless day. There was not a curveball we could throw that the Ninja Team didn't hit out of the park.

    Rob Cork

    Hope For The Warriors

  • Collaborate has allowed us to have a complete puzzle without pieces missing so we can really see what is going on with a child. It allows us to intervene, protect and treat more productively and efficiently.

    Kim Borna


  • From the ability to have our clients see event recaps quickly to the ease of reporting on a variety of information. MainEvent has made tracking my program an excellent experience.

    Sara Cavolo

    Marketing Werks

  • MainEvent has become a daily tool and is seen as an asset to complete tasks. The organization that it grants allows to keep information in a central location.

    Ezra Kuz-Dworzak

    Inspiria Marketing

  • MainEvent has met and exceeded those expectations in every way, offering value to our agency through internal efficiencies, as well as value to our clients through customizable reporting and analytics tools.

    Nick LaFoy


  • Network Ninja brings value to us by way of the technical support and knowhow that we once needed to maintain in house, and now are no longer so burdened.

    Kip Gibbs

    Assist America

  • Network Ninja would come up with innovations and solutions that went far beyond anything I could imagine. It's like partnering with architects, engineers, and systems designers!.

    Katherine J. Mathews

    Casa de Salud St. Louis

  • Network Ninja's team deserve A+ when it comes to technical support and follow up... sadly there aren't too many places out there these days where we can say something like that. But it CAN be said for Network Ninja.

    Ted Buckenham

    Harbor House

  • Network Ninja's work has always been timely, of high quality and produced a user friendly product.

    Ben Murray

    Ohio Network Of Children's Advocacy Centers

  • The MainEvent team is top notch and always available to attend to questions, challenges, or new ideas. Props to Network Ninja for whipping up something all experiential and event marketers should have in the toolkit.

    Matt Baer

    FCBX Marketing

  • The guys over at Network Ninja are by far our go-to guys! Our clients love the accessibility and ease of MainEvent and we feel they are the best on the market at what they do.

    Tyson Yirak


  • The implementation of Collaborate as the Child Abuse Case Tracking Information System is a huge step forward for our community in its efforts to enhance and improve the crucial 'safety-net' that is our child protection system.

    Paul L. Howard, Jr

    Fulton County Children's Advocacy Center

  • With the Network Ninja team, there is a can-do creative spirit to solve problems and make things work for the overall mission of our organizations.

    Katie Plax

    The Spot / Project Ark

  • With the streamlined process that Collaborate provides, our clients are now only required to provide necessary information once and updates when warranted..

    Cynthia Nuara

    The Center

  • Working with Network Ninja has been an absolute pleasure. I would recommend MainEvent to any company looking for an easy, efficient way to store, report, retain and recap promotional info.

    Heather Llewellyn

    SPI Marketing

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