Solving big problems

with tailored cloud-based software

We develop software for industries that require sophisticated workflow and data mining tools, with a heavy emphasis on usability and security. Whatever you call the model: ASP, web app, SaaS, The Cloud, we've been doing it since 1998.

Our products

Off-the-shelf software that's customizable to your needs


Experiential & Field Marketing Software for Agencies and Brands

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Collaboration Software for Nonprofits and Social Services Agencies

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Case Management Software Empowering Attorneys

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Why choose us

We're here for the long haul – since 1998, and into the future!

We love doing this, seriously. Check out our ninjas.

Integrated support and ticketing, when you need help, we're on it quick.

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What our clients are saying

  • The partnership RedPeg has fostered with Network Ninja has grown throughout the years and enhanced our ability to analyze program performance and, ultimately, optimize results for our clients.

    Matt Sincaglia

    RedPeg Marketing

  • Using a database to become almost entirely paperless, minimize the use of manual tracking, and the ability to store years of data in one central location has allowed us to focus on the more important part of our work, the community.

    Rachael Rinaldo

    New York City's YMCA

  • We are delighted to work with LegalServer. Our eighteen clinical courses allow students to work directly with clients and community partners locally and around the globe, and LegalServer is proving to be a versatile and critical tool in tracking and managing our work.

    Beth Lyon

    Cornell Law School

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