MainEvent is Up to the Challenges Facing the Experiential Marketing World

At Network Ninja, we pride ourselves on being responsive to customers' ever-changing needs. This is particularly important during uncertain times within an industry - and today's climate in the experiential and field marketing space certainly qualifies.

MainEvent Product Lead Andy Plax recently penned a very personal blog post outlining our response to these challenges, which includes a rundown of how he's faring in his own quarantined household, along with specific ways the MainEvent team is stepping up to help marketers do their jobs better.

andy plax kids

Some key takeaways from Andy's letter include:

  • Things are a little crazy in the Plax household right now
  • 32 new MainEvent features launched in the past few months
  • The team continues to try and exceed customers' expectations
  • Everyone is pushing ahead, despite ongoing uncertainties

Check out the full post over on the MainEvent website.


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