MainEvent's Field Staffing App is a Game Changer

The ideal field staff solution is here - and it works online or offline.

Staffing is typically one of the most difficult aspects of field marketing to manage. That’s because it incorporates so many different variables - from scheduling and recapping to payroll and expenses.

MainEvent’s Staff App integrates all these systems, empowering field staff and brand ambassadors to do their best work.

A few of the key features of the MainEvent Staffing App include:

  • Viewing upcoming shifts
  • Maps/locations for each activity
  • Details for all executions
  • Complete all recaps, questionnaires, and surveys
  • Submit payroll hours and expenses

Another highlight of the Staff App is offline mode, which allows users to complete and submit recaps, hours, and expenses without an internet connection - which is a game changer for many agencies and brands.


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