MainEvent's Andy Plax Talks Experiential Marketing's Past, Present, and Future

Our Product Lead and all-around nice guy joins Chris Clegg on the Demystifying Data podcast.

Very few people have been in the experiential and field marketing space as long as Andy Plax of MainEvent. In fact, his two-decade tenure predates the “experiential marketing” term itself.

Andy’s seen a lot of changes in the industry over the years, and he recently sat down with marketing connoisseur Chris Clegg on the Demystifying Data podcast to discuss clients’ shifting requirements - and MainEvent’s evolving role in the arena.

People are looking at experiential marketing as something much more tangible than they were years ago. They're focusing on goals, and want to use software to figure out 'did we get what we paid for?'
Headshot of Andy Plax.

Andy Plax

MainEvent Product Lead

Network Ninja

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