LegalServer is Saving Time for Public Defenders

Less time spent on menial tasks means more time for indigent clients.

LegalServer includes many time-saving features, from streamlined client Intake through intuitive Reports - and everything in between. The case management software of choice for Civil Legal Aid firms is now making significant inroads in the Public Defender space as well - and attorneys are taking note.

“We transitioned to LegalServer from another platform used by many public defenders across the U.S.,” says attorney Patrick Feldman, who works for a high-volume criminal defense firm in the Pacific Northwest. “There are multiple features built into LegalServer that now allow us to be more efficient in case handling.”

legalserver case management screenshot.

“With LegalServer’s web-based system, we can now obtain and update case information while in court, saving a lot of time in not having to re-type,” Feldman notes. Internal communication has also improved, and multiple staff members can now generate important Reports - all within a system configured precisely for the firm’s needs.

Check out the full story to see how LegalServer streamlines and automates Public Defenders’ work so they can spend more time serving clients.


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