An Advanced Collaborate Implementation Strategy for Arkansas CACs

Over the past 20+ years working with Children's Advocacy Centers (CACs), the Collaborate team has learned quite a few best practices.

From streamlining Intakes to building standardized Reports for grant funders, certain common factors in CAC case management crop up over and over again. Collaborate developers and analysts, constantly looking to refine their processes, came upon an idea: how about a standardized software experience for CACs?

CACs of Arkansas logo

Enter the forward-thinking folks at Children's Advocacy Centers of Arkansas, a group of 17 centers serving over 6,000 children and their families each year. In choosing a “Best Practices” implementation based on the collective wisdom of over 400 CACs before them, the 11th statewide CAC network to adopt Collaborate will:

  • Go-Live faster with less effort needed from their team,
  • Gain quick access to streamlined workflows, and
  • Tap 1-click Reports for grant funding and other purposes.

Read the full story to see how CACs of Arkansas is helping shape the future of Collaborate.


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