Protecting the Legal Rights of Canada's Disadvantaged

LegalServer provides a productivity boost to legal advocates in British Columbia.

When people in British Columbia, Canada face workplace discrimination, or are otherwise disadvantaged and in need of legal assistance, Community Legal Assistance Society (CLAS) is there to help.

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CLAS has been serving its community since 1971, but a newer program of theirs is called Sexual Harassment Advice, Response, and Prevention (SHARP) for Workplaces. It offers free legal help to anyone in B.C. facing sexual harassment in their workplace, and the program uses LegalServer to holistically manage its efforts.

LegalServer greatly improves the ability for the staff to work efficiently as a team, eliminates the need for paper files, and has been fantastic for reporting to the Board, donor and track information to help inform our outreach.
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Jennifer Kohr

Supervising Lawyer

SHARP Workplaces at CLAS

With flexibility, time savings, and support from LegalServer staff and the user community, SHARP Workplaces is making a bigger difference in their community. Get the full scoop here.


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