Custom DSS Report Enhances Data Analysis for the State of South Carolina

Mining data from automated child welfare referrals provides insights on how families are being served.

Leading social services agencies are constantly looking to improve the efficacy of their programs. To that end, the South Carolina Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers (SCNCAC) and Department of Social Services (DSS) recently used the Collaborate Concierge service to develop a Custom Report to efficiently evaluate their automated referrals data partnership.

Thanks to the Collaborate team, we have a very professional system that is going to be a model for all other states in the country.

This DSS Report empowers SCNCAC and DSS to:

  • Compare referral acceptance times across counties,
  • Pinpoint areas that might need additional resources,
  • Measure demographics such as age, biological sex, and race, and
  • Monitor the latency between the acceptance of referrals and the initial Forensic Interview.

Screenshot of South Carolina's DSS Report section comparing referrals by service counties.

Screenshot of South Carolina's DSS Report section comparing forensic interviews by service counties.

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