Leading Field Marketing Agency Scales Up with MainEvent

TEAM Enterprises continues to grow, and their MainEvent application does, too.

Field marketing agencies help brands showcase their products directly to consumers, often through samplings at special events and retail locations. With a track record spanning over 30 years, TEAM Enterprises is a true leader in the space, running tens of thousands of samplings and demos each year.

TEAM’s VP of Field Services, Shannon Romano, sees MainEvent as an essential part of their success.

MainEvent is everything for us, from our prospects and their paperwork, to our staffing and allocations, to recapping and payroll.
Headshot of Shannon Romano.

Shannon Romano

VP of Field Services

TEAM Enterprises

Beyond its operational functionality, TEAM leverages MainEvent to provide data-driven insights to prominent customers like Bacardi and Molson Coors. “We offer our clients key learnings and opportunities for every program and event we conduct,” explains Shannon.

After a full decade using the software, TEAM’s MainEvent application is primed to support many more years of growth. “We’ve built a partnership together,” Shannon concludes. “TEAM is very forward thinking, we challenge and we like to build things, and we like to customize. Network Ninja taking the time to really learn our side of the industry, I appreciate that.”

Get the full scoop on how TEAM Enterprises uses MainEvent to stay atop the field marketing industry.


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