Collaborate Expands to More Child Service Programs

Developing specialized software for Child Advocates is the Collaborate team's speciality. When long-time client Children's Advocacy Centers of Georgia (CACGA) asked for a tailored solution to support a new initiative - a statewide response to Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) - we jumped at the chance.

Collaborate CSEC illustration.

The result is a multi-network approach where CSEC Programs, CACs, and Law Enforcement SVUs can securely and efficiently store and track information in their siloed Collaborate environments - and share data, if desired.

Collaborate is a game changer for CACGA's Statewide CSEC Response initiative. Our team is able to make customizable changes as we increase service delivery and provide more accurate statistical reporting to our grant funders and stakeholders.

Heidi Reese-Anderson

Director Of Program Services, Children's Advocacy Centers of Georgia

Check out all the details over on the Collaborate website.


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