Inside Collaborate's New Concierge Service

For over 20 years, the Collaborate team has provided comprehensive case management software to Children's Advocacy Centers, Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Programs, and many other social services organizations.

In working with hundreds of non-profits, Collaborate analysts recently identified a common need in the space: to outsource difficult, time-consuming, and often data-intensive tasks. Their solution is called Collaborate Concierge.

The Concierge service allows organizations to:

  • Maximize their Collaborate data with Annual Reports, Dashboards, and Coverage Maps
  • Professionally plan Outcomes & KPIs
  • Quickly onboard new Staff with Collaborate
  • Avoid having to hire full-time Administrators to solve complex issues - saving time & money

Get the full scoop on how Concierge is helping social services agencies do their best work.


Collaborate is customizable case management software for non-profits and social services agencies. Track case information, all the way through intake, providing services, setting goals, and recording outcomes. Interested in seeing what Collaborate could do for your organization?

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