Collaborate Enhances Child Advocacy in West Virginia with Census-Driven Insights

Advocates can identify underserved areas and unlock new funding streams with interactive mapping tools.

To improve the response to child abuse, the West Virginia Child Advocacy Network (WVCAN) recently looked to better understand service distribution across the state. Leveraging the Collaborate Concierge service, WVCAN integrated U.S. Census data with their client services totals to generate a visual, map-based representation of service reach.

Animated GIF of WVCAN's interactive mapping project.

The Collaborate team’s process was to:

  • Export three years of statewide child advocacy service data from WVCAN’s Collaborate application,
  • Geocode client addresses in a HIPAA-compliant manner,
  • Blend in Census data to normalize services at a per-1,000 child population rate, and
  • Generate interactive maps to evaluate service distribution at the county, senate district, and congressional district levels.

These tools help pinpoint areas in need of additional resources, while equipping advocates with data visualizations they can use to request better funding from lawmakers. Read the full story over on Collaborate’s website.


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