Oscar Mayer's Photos Shine with MainEvent’s AI-Driven Image Recognition

“mAInevent Vision is awesome,” says Ed Roland, Sr. Manager Brand Communications at Kraft Heinz.

A fleet of six Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles circle the United States, drawing plenty of smiles - and photographs - across thousands of events each year. To efficiently handle requests for specific photos from sales teams, event contacts, and customers, Kraft Heinz’s Brand Communications team harnesses the power of AI-driven image recognition with mAInevent Vision.

mAInevent Vision is awesome. We will save countless hours that we used to spend manually sorting photos. Now, we can respond to requests with the speed and accuracy they deserve.
Headshot of Ed Roland.

Ed Roland

Sr. Manager Brand Communications

Kraft Heinz

mAInevent Vision transforms a photo library into a digital asset management system by:

  • Analyzing all photos stored in MainEvent,
  • Mining the images for insights (including brand assets), and
  • Providing a natural language interface for searching.

Kraft Heinz can now find the right images in seconds, while location- and relevance-based sorting add additional layers of refinement. Jump over to MainEvent’s website for the full story.


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