Law Foundation of Silicon Valley Pivots to Community Advocacy Model with LegalServer

Specialized tools help this leading legal aid firm make a bigger impact in low-income communities.

With an eye on productivity & service quality improvements, Law Foundation of Silicon Valley (LFSV) recently completed an exhaustive search for a new case management system. Like hundreds of civil legal aid firms before them, LFSV concluded that LegalServer offered the right combination of tailored features, expert support, and impressive client references.

The other products we considered weren’t close to the level of functionality LegalServer offered out-of-the-box.
Headshot of Nathan Lingat-Thomas.

Nathan Lingat-Thomas

Director of Impact & Evaluation

Law Foundation of Silicon Valley (LFSV)

LFSV says the key factors in their decision included:

  • LegalServer’s focus on the non-profit legal space,
  • A clear onboarding and data migration roadmap, and
  • Recommendations from many of their peers.

Features like sending emails directly to cases, and the ability to access the system while making client visits, are empowering the firm to serve their community more effectively, according to LFSV Director of Impact & Evaluation, Nathan Lingat-Thomas.

“LegalServer has allowed our work to move to a community advocacy model, providing legal services anywhere in the community without being tied to a desk or an office,” Lingat-Thomas says. Continue reading on LegalServer’s website.


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