Child Advocacy Experts Share Fundraising Wins with the Collaborate Community

These non-profits are turning data into dollars - and educating colleagues on how they can do it, too.

The Collaborate team recently hosted a Funding Roundtable, spotlighting how Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) leverage technology in their fundraising initiatives. In the live virtual event, a panel of experts representing five leading organizations outlined the keys to their grant writing successes, including:

  • Mining social services data to prove a need,
  • Impressing grant funders with targeted messaging,
  • Quantifying non-profit impact on the community, and
  • Using performance improvements as leverage.
With Collaborate, we’re able to report on wait times for Forensic Interviews, and we are confident we can obtain additional state funding if we can reduce those wait times.

Discover all of their best fundraising strategies - and how case management software can facilitate them - in the full writeup on Collaborate’s website.


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