Project Success is a Team Effort

Natalie Simons of the MainEvent team leans on people, processes, and a flexible outlook to deliver customized field marketing apps that exceed customers’ expectations.

Here at Network Ninja, we pride ourselves on hiring and retaining folks that bring exceptional skill sets and perspectives to the table. Natalie Simons, Project Manager for MainEvent, has shown a unique ability to address client needs while maintaining project scope, so we sat down with her recently to discuss her keys to success.

According to Natalie, a combination of creativity, collaboration, and flexibility are paramount - along with a dependable framework to work within.

Natalie’s elements for success also include:

  • A willingness to embrace risks and creativity,
  • Protections in place to mitigate those risks, and
  • Giving team members space to express themselves.
A flexible and open environment that encourages participation and engagement is crucial for a team's success.
Headshot of Natalie Simons.

Natalie Simons

Project Manager


For more insights on solving complex problems, and the importance of celebrating individual and team wins, check out the full story on the MainEvent website.


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