Addressing the Need for Specialized Non-Profit Legal Software

The Housing Justice Center was struggling with a system geared toward for-profit law firms - until they found LegalServer.

For-profit law firms tend to focus on three things: billing, billing, and more billing. The bulk of legal case management systems, in turn, center around billing as well.

That simply won’t do for non-profit legal organizations like Housing Justice Center (HJC), however. HJC needed a system that was flexible enough to handle its various programs, while providing accurate grant reporting to their funders. That’s why they implemented LegalServer, which was designed exclusively for non-profits.

LegalServer has provided HJC much broader use, designed in a way that functions closely to the work we do at HJC.
Headshot of Zaria Whitlock.

Zaria Whitlock


Housing Justice Center

The transition to LegalServer was simple, according to HJC Paralegal Zaria Whitlock. “The LegalServer Onboarding process provided the staff at HJC time to build familiarity with LegalServer and proved essential to the success HJC has experienced in using the system,” she says.

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Get the full scoop on how LegalServer’s focus on non-profits helps Housing Justice Center preserve and expand affordable housing nationwide.


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