Maximizing Staffing Efficiency for Social Services Organizations

Collaborate’s data mining tools allow agencies to assist more people while reducing stress on employees.

The Collaborate team is focused on using technology to make social workers’ lives easier. Streamlined processes and data-driven insights often lead to efficiency gains that positively impact staff and clients alike.

Collaborate has simplified our work, made our team more efficient and improved our process and program outcomes.
Headshot of Jennifer Puthoff.

Jennifer Puthoff

Program Manager

Santa Clara County Children’s Advocacy Center

Staffing is an especially common pain point for social services organizations. With tailored reports created via the Collaborate Concierge service, the Santa Clara County Children’s Advocacy Center ensures they have adequate resources on hand when needed most.

Screenshot of pie chart showing staff time spent by day of week.

From optimizing staff scheduling, to measuring performance and monitoring operations, the Santa Clara County Children’s Advocacy Center is making a bigger impact with Collaborate.


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