Visual Dashboards Keep Important Data at Marketers' Fingertips

Successful experiential and field marketing campaigns require well-coordinated efforts. Marketers have to deftly manage staffing, budgets, assets, recaps, and much more - all while mining data to drive the next big campaign.

Inspired by user feedback, MainEvent's new Dashboard Builder helps marketers quickly analyze and digest their most important data in an intuitive, easy-to-use way.

With these Dashboards, data can be visually expressed in a myriad of formats, including:

  • Bar charts, line graphs, and pie charts
  • Maps, agendas, and calendars
  • Photos, videos, and text message updates

Bottom line: MainEvent's enhanced Dashboards allow marketers to produce what they need in the way they envision it - without the need for third-party reporting platforms.


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