Managing Physical Marketing Assets with MainEvent

Field marketing logistics just went from daunting to simple.

The MainEvent team keeps its finger firmly on the pulse of the experiential & field marketing world, and simplifying complex workflows is their speciality.

Historically, one of the hardest things for marketers to manage has been physical assets (think product displays or trade show booth lighting rigs). The new asset management module solves these issues once and for all.

With this system, marketers can:

  • View asset profile details, schedules, and history reports
  • Manage warehouse contents and costs
  • Simplify asset requests and fulfillment
  • Track shipments of assets across the country
  • Stay updated with notifications
  • Measure the value of assets used out in the field

Filterable asset management dashboards can also track statistics, schedules, inventories, and shipments, complete with filters - keeping key data at users’ fingertips.


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