MainEvent Streamlines Alcohol Beverage Event Management

The Allocations Module keeps brands, agencies, and distributors on the same page.

The product sampling gurus at Public Label - an experiential marketing firm running thousands of beverage events each year - recently faced a conundrum. Amid heavy volume from big-name alcohol brands, their spreadsheet-centric process of divvying up events to regional distributors became unmanageable.

The solution is MainEvent’s new Allocations Module, which allows agencies to easily distribute, track, and analyze all their samplings in one place (no more spreadsheets).

MainEvent helps us make sure that money is being used correctly. We use the Allocations Module to stay on top of how many allocations we have, how they’re being used, and who is using them.
Headshot of Jessica Nsiah Rushing.

Jessica Nsiah Rushing

Operations Manager

Public Label

Here’s how it works for various stakeholders in the process:

  • Beverage distributors request allocations, receive automated notifications on approvals, and record key data about the samplings they execute.
  • Agencies allocate samplings to distributors and ensure programs remain on track.
  • Brands receive reports with insights on the effectiveness of programs across markets.

Get the lowdown over on MainEvent’s website.


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