State of Nevada Uses LegalServer to Protect the Rights of the Accused

The Department of Indigent Defense Services leverages data tracking & reporting tools to help facilitate equal justice under the law.

The State of Nevada’s Department of Indigent Defense Services (DIDS) ensures that equitable criminal defense is provided across all 17 counties. A statewide LegalSever implementation streamlines and organizes defense attorneys’ work, while providing real-time reporting to continually improve processes.

The data we are able to gather and the reports we are able to create with LegalServer provide us with invaluable insights into attorney workloads across the state.
Headshot of Thomas Qualls.

Thomas Qualls

Deputy Director

Nevada Department of Indigent Defense Services

Along with helping manage caseloads, DIDS supports Nevada’s counties by:

  • Providing education & training,
  • Supplying legal experts, special investigators, and social workers, and
  • Facilitating uniform statewide reporting.

All these important efforts are tracked, managed, and reported on in LegalServer. Head here for the full story.


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