Mining Data to Optimize Public Defender Caseloads

Intelligent software empowers legal advocates in Aurora, Colorado to allocate staff efficiently - and serve clients better.

Public defenders face a glut of demand for their services, coupled with a limited supply of attorneys. Hence why it’s so important for them to smartly allocate staff time.

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The City of Aurora, Colorado, Public Defender’s Office is using LegalServer to do just that. With specialized time tracking and reporting tools, administrators gain a window into how attorneys are utilized, and can compare those numbers against Colorado state workload standards.

The reports that have been run over the last few months have allowed supervisors to identify caseloads per attorney and understand how the work is being distributed throughout the office as well as how much time is being spent on particular case types.
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Douglas Wilson

Chief Public Defender

Aurora Public Defender's Office

With more time to serve clients, Aurora’s Public Defenders can better ensure equal justice under the law.


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