How to Succeed in Field Marketing

Dianne Beltran of Montage Marketing sees experience, teamwork, and data-driven software as the keys to successful campaigns.

The experiential and field marketing world is competitive, and brands are asking more from their partners than ever before. MainEvent’s Andy Plax recently spoke with Montage Marketing’s Group Account Manager, Dianne Beltran, to talk about the changing industry landscape, and the role MainEvent plays in her day-to-day work life.

In real time, we can see the efficacy of our work in MainEvent.
Headshot of Dianne Beltran.

Dianne Beltran

Group Account Manager

Montage Marketing Group

Other interesting topics Dianne delved into include:

  • How she got started in the experiential space, and how she got ahead,
  • How Montage climbed the ranks in the marketing world, and
  • Where she thinks field marketing is headed in the future.

Check out the full conversation for more insights from someone who’s held a variety of marketing roles over the years - and excelled at all of them.


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