Simplified VOCA Reporting for Non-Profits

Collaborate's latest 1-Click Report reduces the time to deliver accurate VOCA numbers to mere seconds.

The Collaborate team is dedicated to providing non-profit software that saves time and makes social workers’ lives easier. This concept is especially important during reporting season, when organizations need to provide accurate, aggregate data to funders about the people they’ve served.

To that end, the team recently worked with local and federal VOCA Administrators - the folks who fund victim services agencies - to create a new Standard VOCA Report.

The report is simple to use, runs in seconds, and can be updated automatically as funder requirements change.

I am very pleased with Collaborate's VOCA Report and appreciate that I can rely more on the 'one click' function...I appreciate the efforts of Collaborate/Network Ninja in helping to make the reporting process more manageable!
Headshot of Chrisie Sherrard.

Chrisie Sherrard

Assistant Director

Barren River Area Child Advocacy Center

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