Collaborate Launch Insights for the Denton County CAC

With 40,000 cases, 400,000 services, and over 250,000 case notes!

cacdc building.

The Children’s Advocacy Center for Denton County (CACDC) is a child-friendly place where kids come to find help after incidents of sexual abuse. Their workflow is pretty sophisticated, so they needed a customized solution in place to easily maintain their clients and services - exactly the way they want to do it.

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And that’s where Network Ninja came in with Collaborate, our case management software for non-profits and social services agencies. For about a year, we’ve been working hard with the CACDC to customize Collaborate to their needs. Here’s some of the things we did for them.

Data Migration

One of the biggest hurdles with CACDC, aside from it being 106F during our training there, was moving a couple decades of case history. We told them: “Keep what data you have, we’ll clean it, and move it over for you.”

In total, we migrated around 40,000 cases, 400,000 services, and over 250,000 case notes from their old database system into Collaborate.

I've been watching it count for 20 minutes.... The number is over 300,000 now. How many clients and services do you think we put in the database in 19 years? This begins a whole new chapter; Collaborate will help us find new and amazing ways to tell our story. Even more so, because of improved efficiency, it will allow us more time to focus on the main characters of our story.
Headshot of Lori Nelson.

Lori Nelson

Program Director

Children's Advocacy Center for Denton County

Clinical Focus

We also worked together to enhance Collaborate’s Clinical functionality, some of the many highlights include:

Clinical Testing (CBCL, TSCC, TSCYC, UCLA PTSD)

Edit UCLA PTSD Index.

Child Behavior Checklist.

Treatment Plans including DSM V diagnoses, therapy Goals and Outcomes, even Progress Notes and Followups, all easily reportable.

Treatment Plan.

Success Takes Work and Experience

It’s never “easy”, but a successful rollout happens via lots of learning from and proper planning with actual experts - our clients.

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Customizable case management software for non-profits and social services agencies.