What Was Your First Programming Language?

Would you believe someone actually knows PL/1?

In a totally unscientific poll, we asked our ninjas what their first programming language was and some of the experience they had with it.

programing pie chart.

Not surprisingly, BASIC (the Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, designed back in 1964) was the #1 pick of most the ninjas.

Kudos to Joel Finkel, who’s first programing experience was with PL/1:

In 1982, a college friend and I created Proball, one of the first (if not the first) “fantasy” baseball games. I wrote the program that maintained the statistics using PL/1. I still have the listing. We were profound idiots for not patenting the whole idea.

Jim Watson found his passion for programming on a VIC-20:

Helped my father with a homemade sales and inventory application he wrote for his CB-radio store. That was around 1981, on an old Commodore VIC-20. Tinkering with code — writing something that actually “did something” in a real-world tangible setting, and seeing the end product in action… I was hooked. Had a love for development ever since.

Commodore vic-20 computer.

Long before Slack (which we use here at Network Ninja) there was IRC. This was Alex Escalona’s gateway into programming:

I actually first got into "programming by scripting a mIRC bot that provided Star Wars trivia questions and answers when prompted. Oh the early days of the internet. C++ was the natural next step in my amateur forays into software engineering. I was pretty fortunate to have the opportunity later on to take a year-long class in C++ in High School.

And although HTML is technically not a programming language, one ninja (who shall remain anonymous) had a good reason for his pick:

Can’t do anything without HTML! First website was dedicated to fans of the X-Files.


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