RedPeg Leverages MainEvent To Improve Client Outcomes

RedPeg is a creative-minded experiential marketing agency with a penchant for making their clients extremely happy. That means constantly improving outcomes - and that's where MainEvent lends a helping hand.

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Since 2011, RedPeg has leveraged MainEvent software to serve the rapidly evolving needs of their customers. Household names like GEICO, J├Ągermeister, DISH Network, MetroPCS, and TD Bank trust the agency to run successful campaigns, and to pull it off, RedPeg requires accurate reporting, rapid onboarding, effective staff training, and endless customization.

The partnership RedPeg has fostered with Network Ninja has grown throughout the years and enhanced our ability to analyze program performance and, ultimately, optimize results for our clients.

Matt Sincaglia

RedPeg Marketing

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MainEvent is a centralized web-based software solution to easily manage every aspect of an experiential marketing campaign in real-time.

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