More and More Agencies Team up with MainEvent

We're super excited to add a whopping 5 new clients to the MainEvent roster.

We’re super excited to add a whopping 5 new clients to the MainEvent roster. All these amazing agencies not only use our software to track experiential activations, but also utilize it to manage field staffing for many of their client’s marketing campaigns.


GNF Marketing. They’re more like your neighborhood coffee shop than a corporate conglomerate. They got character, prefer quality over quantity and don’t conform to what’s mainstream, and that’s ok with us.


Publicis Hawkeye. They are a 300-person, full-service, fully integrated marketing agency, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. And they are here to deliver.


Brand Sense Partners. A team of brand engineers: experts in marketing, branding, licensing, partnerships and on-the-ground experiential strategy. They design multi-faceted programs to address brand needs from all angles, creating consumer experiences with a 360° impact.


Fuse Marketing. A brand strategy, experiential, creative, social, and digital communications agency that specializes in marketing to Gen Z and Millennials – teens and young adults. For more than twenty years, They’ve worked with some of the most admired consumer, sports and lifestyle brands in the world. Fuse has offices in Burlington, VT and Portland, OR.


Do it outdoors. The largest national mobile billboard and field marketing company. With streamlined and scalable operations, they can run mobile billboards and field marketing efforts in any market across the U.S.


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