How Nintendo & Jägermeister Direct Their Massive Sampling Programs

MainEvent makes it simple to coordinate staff, visits, and locations while tracking costs, conversions, and product units - across national and regional markets.

Sampling is an age-old marketing technique that’s just as effective now as it was a century ago.

However, the complexity of these marketing campaigns has increased dramatically in recent years. Leading brands (and the agencies that promote them) are now tasked with managing hundreds of data points across thousands of locations.

MainEvent for Sampling Programs is the software solution that famous names like Nintendo, Jägermeister, Mosaic, TEAM Enterprises, and Omnicom use to capture and mine all that data - and ultimately leverage it to improve sampling decisions.

sampling program costs and impact tables in mainevent.

With dashboards, historical marketplace data, and automated reports, MainEvent is helping power some of the world’s most successful sampling campaigns. So the next time you enjoy a free sample of ice-cold German digestif, remember: software had a little something to do with it.


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