MainEvent & Grassroots Bring Big Data to the Cannabis Industry

An advanced experiential platform will support Grassroots Cannabis' budding success.

Traditional business sectors like food & beverage have long embraced experiential and field marketing as key drivers for new and existing product lines.

Now, the fledgling legal cannabis space is entering this world as well - with a particular interest in data mining.

Grassroots Cannabis logo.

Grassroots Cannabis recently signed on with MainEvent to handle all of its executions across initiatives like dispensary openings, trade shows, and product demos. An integrated software platform is in development that will include:

  • Tailored data-gathering tools,
  • Configurable Recaps,
  • Dashboard charts and stats, and
  • Organized, clear Reports from multiple channels.

As the largest private cannabis company in America, Grassroots is vertically integrated and growing fast. Read more about how MainEvent is helping to support this expansion over on their website.


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