Kentucky, Baltimore, and D.C. CACs to Transform Case Management with Collaborate

The Kentucky Association of Children's Advocacy Centers, Baltimore Child Abuse Center, and Safe Shores D.C. sign on with Collaborate to better manage their cases.

More Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) than ever are choosing Collaborate to handle their case management needs.

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The Kentucky Association of Children’s Advocacy Centers just became the latest statewide CAC network to embrace Collaborate. The software will be offered to all 15 member centers throughout the state, which serve over 6,500 children and their families annually.

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The Baltimore Child Abuse Center is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and always wants to stay on the cutting edge of using technology to help improve client care. That’s why they’ll be going live with Collaborate in 2018.

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Safe Shores, the Washington, D.C.-based Child Advocacy Center, is a forward-thinking organization dedicated to helping children through physical and sexual abuse. They’ve also chosen Collaborate to streamline their workflow and accommodate their growing needs.

Learn more over on the Collaborate website.


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