Improve Service Appointment Attendance with Collaborate’s SMS Reminders

Using integrated SMS Reminders decreases appointment no-shows - and we have the data to prove it.

Collaborate’s non-profit customers help millions of in-need people across the country. With services ranging from case management to therapy and counseling, these organizations set up a lot of appointments - so they need a streamlined process that helps ensure clients show up.

A key part of this equation is using integrated SMS (text message) Reminders, which have shown to reduce Missed Service Appointments by 53%.

Illustration of Collaborate SMS Reminder on a mobile phone.

Our Counseling Staff uses Collaborate’s SMS feature constantly, they love it.
Headshot of Tarah Sellers.

Tarah Sellers

Director of Client Services

Network of Victim Assistance (NOVA)

Along with reducing no-shows, staff don’t have to manually reach out to clients to remind them of upcoming appointments. That can shave several minutes off each service scheduled, while keeping clients in the loop.

To recap: with time savings, more informed clients, and better service attendance, Collaborate’s integrated SMS Reminders are a valuable tool for medical and social services providers.


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