OOP (PHP) Software Developer

We’re looking for junior, intermediate, and senior developers with a deep understanding of OOP concepts, and experience working on frameworks, that want to write and maintain PHP for one of our 3 core products.

“Working on frameworks” and “understanding OOP” seem like unavoidable requirements, but the language you used in the past does not need to have been PHP.

If you’re interested so far, please read the rest of the req in its entirety, and follow the instructions contained within to apply. There will be 1 screening interview with senior management, and then 1 technical interview with members of the development team. We move methodically, and quickly, and you probably do, too, so this can be an efficient process.

Responsibilities, Requirements, and Job Concepts

We build and maintain large PHP frameworks that sit on top of large databases.


Much of that runs on AWS EC2 for webservers, and RDS where our PostgreSQL databases live. We strive to use S3, generally, instead of an EC2 filesystem. There is some JSON, and some AWS Lambda written in Python. Our infrastructure team sets up and manages these assets, but if you have exposure or experience, that will be beneficial.

  • Cloud, AWS, PostgreSQL, JSON (great! but not necessarily a requirement.)

A lot of the EC2s are Linux, and we use either subversion (soon to be GitHub) or GitHub to manage our codebase.

  • Version control, teamwork.
  • Linux.

We are entirely remote, and all macOS for workstations.

  • USA only, fulltime, experience working remotely.
  • Experience working with macOS.

We encourage the use of “AI” tools, such as Copilot and ChatGPT to make coding more efficient. We now have infrastructure in place to use LLMs securely on confidential data and code. You should not be averse. It’s fine to be skeptical.

  • Experience using LLMs.
  • Experience and insight from using one of the following, desired: GitHub Copilot, AWS CodeWhisperer, and/or ChatGPT PLUS (whatever).

Network Ninja is HIPAA compliant, and we are audited annually for our SOC 2 Type 2.

  • Security-focused, and willing to be compliant with our thoughtful and required-to-exist security policies.

Instructions on how to apply

A human wrote this req. A human will review your application. If the application doesn’t follow instructions, or the email is convoluted because it’s been written by an LLM, it will be disregarded.

Please keep it short, and human, and send your 1) resume (your name in the filename, if attachment), 2) a cover letter explaining your understanding of the position and how you’re the only candidate that matters, and 3) any work product samples you’d like to show off, to: nni@networkninja.com.

At Network Ninja we value the diversity in backgrounds and experiences that our employees bring to us. We’re proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and we welcome applications from all qualified candidates.